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Bicycle House is a family owned business that originated in 2021 by a Georgian family with a passion for bikes. The Gavasheli family has a long history of expertise that dates back to the 1980’s. Ilia Gavasheli, the “machine” of mechanics has had various roles in the industry as an athlete of national recognized titles, Georgian federation cycling coach and a very well known bike store business owner in Tbilisi, Georgia. His son, Besik “Beso” Gavasheli didn’t take long to follow in his footsteps and became the first Georgian 7x National Champion in Mountain Bike cross country, and 2x National Champion in Time Trail, as well as the first Georgian Mountain Bike participant in the 2015 European Olympics. Beso has had over 10 years as a professional cyclist... The Gavasheli family relocated to Cincinnati, OH from Tbilisi, Georgia in 2015 with the hopes of spreading their passion for bikes and quality service to the Cincinnati area. Today, we are very thankful to open our first Bicycle House store in West Chester, OH. We believe in not only offering high quality bikes but also high quality service.
Baku 2015 first ever European Games (B.Gavasheli)
Bicycle House Mission:
  • Our Mission: To spread the passion of bikes - one customer at a time
  • Our Bikes: We’ve always believed in providing the best bikes possible. Under the highest standards of quality, Bicycle House will be selling a variety of top notch bike brands that will meet your individual needs for all age ranges.
  • Our Service: Bicycle House believes in providing the BEST service that is fast while offering the highest standards of quality. Our customers will enjoy a family friendly service center environment that will meet their specific needs


Training ride with National Team of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia 1980 I.Gavasheli)